Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Still Not Enough ROOM in New York!

ROOM live at East River Bar FREE FRIDAYS

We think there is still not enough ROOM in New York, so we are playing again and hope there will be ROOM in your ears. After a brief hiatus our favorite bar in Williamsburg, EAST RIVER BAR is hosting shows again and they have asked us (and all of you) to come out and open the new series of concerts, since it was so much fun last time. Plus we spent too much time in the studio and need to air out our songs. Plus we have one for Jeancosme's brand new son. And one for the eyes of Violette. And one sung by Jan, not speaking of burnt fingers, broken lamps, torn strings and spontaneous endings. The show will start at 9.30 with the psychedelic sounds and harmonies of our friends COLOR SCHEME. Please tell your friends (and their friends, and their MySpace friends). Instant songs written for anybody who brings more than four friends to the show!
Best Haircut Contest!

10.30 pm ROOM
FRIDAY, April 7th
EAST RIVER BAR, 97 South 6th Street, btw. Bedford and Berry


Anonymous said...

you guys are crazy. i love it. glad i went.

Anonymous said...
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