Monday, April 17, 2006

Eleventh Dream Night at Mercury Lounge

Tight Trio: Eleventh Dream Day at Mercury Lounge
Maybe it’s the eleventh truly great show I’ve seen at Mercury Lounge, where heroes such as Midngiht Oil, Lloyd Cole or the Mekons have had the 200 people crowd eating every note and word from their hands and mouths or maybe it’s the eleventh time I’ve seen this true and real Chicago band - anyway, it was wonderous. They’ve grown older, maybe wiser, and they certainly haven’t lost it. To see Rick Rizzo, Janet Bean and Douglas McCombs play together is pure proof of the idea that a family is a band. This trio has a whole Thomas Mann novel of personal history, but somehow manage to play together in such a unique and personal way, that it touches your very soul. The beauty of minor chords, open tuning and the right dose of noise, laid over Rizzo voice full of desperation and anger but of stoic acceptance. Sound pompous? That’s my writing, not the music. Go order their new record! Click on the pic to see more photos of their live show.

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