Friday, April 21, 2006

No Longer on Ice: Melomane's Glaciers is Out Now!

Mark your calendars and cancel all appointments: Tonite at 9PM, Melomane will do a super-special show at the Issue Project Room to celebrate the release of Glaciers. They promise an amazing visual and sonic experience....
IPR is a circular music space in a converted grain silo in Brooklyn on the banks of the Gowanus Canal. Melomane will be setting up around the perimeter of the space, and the audience will be inside the band (like you've always wanted,) almost like a live surround-sound Zaireka. We will have a plethora of guest musicians and live multi-media stimulation on the surrounding enclosure. We will do two sets, encompassing our repertoire from old to new in a way youve never heard it. Prepare for an evening of fascinating repartee, cold drinks, visual and aural stimulation, and riverside gallivanting in the springtime! For more on the new record, Glaciers, see right below.

Cast of characters:
Pierre de Gaillande Guitar, vocals, trumpet
Quentin Jennings- Keyboards, vocals
Daria Grace Bass, vocals
Kenny Savelson Drums, sounds
Jesse Neuman Trumpet
Jody Redhage Cello
Philippa Thompson Violin, saw
Jack Grace Harmonica
Kevin Campbell Video trickery

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