Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Is This Really It? Now That JC and Anphibius Finally Make People Laugh?!

The two people who said goodbye to funny years ago had the audiences cheers and laughs on their side last night at Detour, where Jazz has succumbed to Pop and Rock on Tuesdays. Anphibius announced the show as their last one in NYC for possibly quite some time: JC, after a brief stint in LA is moving to Amsterdam, while the ant will reside in Berlin soon. Joe McGinty and his wizard friend on sax warmed up the audience with Joe's tongue-in-cheek songs and created the right atmosphere for JC's slow motion Morrissey and ants antics, for whom the keyboard, no matter how long, always seems too short. Maybe they were always funny, but I missed the point for years. I finally got it. We will miss you guys, and hope we will here from your adventures in jolly old Europe on this blog...Sword Up!

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