Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Blondie vs. The Pretenders - A Fair Match

Well, not that everybody was spectacular, at the Knitting Factory when The Losers Lounge matched Debbie and her gang against Chrissie.
But hey, a short earful downstairs where Nikki Sudden played a sad set in front of about twelve art students, it felt much more like the losers lounge. So back upstairs, where especially Theremin Angel Dorit Chrysler reached back into her own punk days with Halcion and gave a Harry that Debbie would have blushed. The Greatest Pretender was, no doubt, Mike Fornatale whos incredible vocal strings wailed a rock the pretenders only about hinted at, while he humped the stage, broke a mic stand and killed about a dozen people with his eyes. Highly entertaining, and the victory deservedly goes to The Losers Lounge - they sounded great, although imo the Pretenders sound calls for Fender guitars. Oh, and minus points to the KF - what a damn shame to make Mike pay for the broken stand. Be glad he didnt bring down the house!

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