Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Acoustic Rock Night at Detour Ends in Shards

Rock the Jazzbar: Acoustic Room...but these, at least where I come from, are supposed to bring luck, so maybe all is not lost for Room, but i think we shouldnt do the acoustic thing and return the our wall of sound. The mic cut my lips open, in return i knocked the lamp down. Overlord opened with a nice set, Kerry Kennedy and Mike Fornatale gave us a nice Buckley and Vega treat and were the stars of the evening for me. Thanks to all you folks who came out late on a regular Tuesday evening. We'll have CDs soon, so you can stay home and still hear us!


Pee Air said...

Was it as good as the sing-along Chez Pierre on Friday night?

Anonymous said...

not as good, but even more spaced out