Thursday, November 18, 2010

Supporting Television Personalities!

...And don't the kids just love it! I remember their first LP, the black and white cover with the cut-outs and the two-minute pop gems, one more original than the rest, the fine cast of characters... Geoffrey Ingram, Dorian Grey, Pauline Lewis, Syd Barrett... IT made me want to play guitar, too, and write songs just like Dan Treacy... We called our band after a song by TVP, The Perfumed Garden. We covered Silly Girl and If I Could Write Poetry. We bought the black floppy hat. We wore Paisely Shirts. Then the 90s came and then the 00s... and now TVP are back and The Roman Games are opening for the tomrrow, Friday, November 19th at Palace in St. Gallen, Switzerland... a young boy's dream come true 25 years later. Honored to play with a cast of great friends and musicians: 'Former' Frank Heer on bass, Charles 'HeadQuarters' Wallace on guitar and bvox, Jan 'Room' Haux on drums and percussion. Looking very much forward to playing and meeting a lot of friends from back in the days!

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