Thursday, November 04, 2010

Doing the Jam at the Monster Mash

It was Monster Mash number 5 this year on Sunday night and we got our act together and played The Jam, with Heather "Rick" Wagner on drums, Jesko "Bruce" Stahl on bass and me doin Paulie, Start!, That's Entertainment and Down in the Tube, of course.

Minor Threat, who played before us, were a though act to follow and definite winner of the battle of bands. The Only Ones featured one of the best guitar players i've seen in a long time, Ana B. The Clash were supercute young boys who did an honorable job. Gary Glitter's vocals were lost in sound.

A highlight were the white Bad Brains, who made no attempt at hiding their white skin and did without long afro wigs, instead chose to play in boring white men business suits...but then proceeded to rock the house as if they were the real thing. Kudos to Alana 'Suzie Q" Amram, who not only played in three of the bands but also held the whole evening together despite repeated ugly cat fights and pizza throwing contests.

Just what you expect from a Halloween party. Search monster "Monster Mash" on this blog to hear from earlier years of this best NYC Halloween party. We can't wait for the next one and are aiming to be the Stranglers. All together now: No More Heroes Anymore!

Pics by Thilo Hoffmann

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