Wednesday, March 24, 2010

ROOM Flyer Contest!

We have this show coming up at 10PM on April 1st at Fat Baby, no joke what with April's Fools Day and all. But we can't decide on which flyer we should use. Help us make up our minds and tell us which one you like best. It will also tell us what kind of musical mood you want us to be in. please Comment below...

A free drink for those who pick the right flyer and come to the show Thursday in a week... We'll start on time at 10PM. Fat Baby is at 112 Rivington, close to the corner of Essex Street.

The Epicures are friends of Martial's and are quite an experience. We like the Clash and the Beatles. They like the Smashing Pumpkins and David Bowie. So Stay a little longer if you can. Remember Your Room loves you.

a) roomfatbabyposter

b) ruinroom

c) fireroom


Happy Shopper said...

Nr. 1 (a) is excellent. Good luck

Anonymous said...

no 2, but it needs work.