Monday, March 29, 2010

Room at Fat Baby: The Winning Flyer

"No contest, flyer one wins," wrote Anton Sword, one of the over 30 people who took part in our flyer contest. He was right in the end, but for a long time, flyer 3, the one with the fire was leading. The ladies made the difference: Only two voted for 3, all the others agreed on 1.

So Anton and all the nice people who voted for flyer 1 will get a free drink, if they come to the show... The band, by the way, was split: 3 for 1, 3 for 3. But you know, in the end it's all for one, one for...

And as the flyer dictates, we'll do our best to play some colorful light music with orange overtones. Thank you all for voting, we are looking forward to seeing a lot of you on Thursday! And stay for the Epicures, listen to some of their smart compositions here.

What other people you might know said about ROOM:

"Very, very good. Nice mix of styles, no testosterone metal crap. I hope they go far!"
Captain Sensible, The Damned

"Fantastic songs...I really enjoy listening to their music!"
Karl Wallinger, World Party

"Room? I love their atmoshperes, the eeriness, the arpeggiated motions... I'm glad I'm Room's friend!"
Ed Ball, Television Personalities

We'll start on time at 10PM. Fat Baby is at 112 Rivington, close to the corner of Essex Street. Oh, and we played our first show for kids last Saturday, so now we know how to behave...

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