Friday, March 13, 2009

The Soundtrack Of Our Lives In All Its Glory

There are fabled super studios somewhere in Sweden, legendary places with the best gear in the world, all hand made quality work from neutral European countries, where million sellers as Abba, Roxette and the ghastly songwriter trio Stock Aitken Waterman's the big Sweden sound, and nobody does with such ease. Latest example: The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, a band that's been around for some 15 years and has seen and done about everything by now. The six Swedes at the Bowery Ballroom dish out all kinds of styles, ideas, genres, soli: There's a bit of Oasis, a dose of Hüsker Dü, a cover of Nick Drake, all the while being a spinal tapish mix between 70's Stones and the Sir Douglas Quintet. Even the strong swedish vodka singer Lundberg must have enjoyed were no challenge to the band's seemingly effortless precision. A pleasure to enjoy the show with Kenny from Kreisor who's also a fan and knows what to say during shows and when to shut up!


Anonymous said...

Ebott wasn't drunk!!

Anonymous said...

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