Saturday, March 07, 2009

Room/The We Ours: A Cold Night Turned Hot

Room live again, Fontana's NYC, Photos by Tobias Klutke

Despite a freezing cold Tuesday night, a friendly 70 people showed up to see the first live show of Room without Jan (who sends his regards from Berlin and was there in spirit), but with the gracious help of Quentin Jennings, who is also working on the new record by Roman and Room, an EP that should come out with the Easter bunny. The audience seemed to appreciate the new, redecorated and more orderly room and their new songs about jobs. Someone said Room sounded like the Buzzcocks, another compared it to the Jam, the third heard the Cure shining through. All very well with me. Denise shot these videos, Leane shot more footage, the combined edited version here soon.

Antons band - Kristofer on guitar and back voc, Jessica on bass and voc and Kristin covering their backs have grown into a tight combo. There are smiles onstage and a general feeling of everybody being at ease is transported to the audience, the melodies abducting us into a land of soothing, sunny weekend afternoons.

Fontana's has a nice sound system, friendly people working, the live area downstairs is a great space for a crowd of about 100+ people - Room as well as The We Ours will be back there soon!

Anton and the We Ours live at Fontanas

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