Thursday, February 28, 2008

Los Angeles and the Track of our Lives

I admit I've been bad at keeping you updated, but I had the pleasure to fly out to Los Angeles to interview Gnarls Barkley. They have a new record out called "The Odd Couple", it sounds a lot like real cool "Pet Sound" Beach Boys, jus a likkle darker. My hit tip: A beautiful track called Surprise.

The real discovery for me in Los Angeles musically was a Swedish band called "The Soundtrack of Our Lives". I have somehow ignored them up to now, and their music thus hit me with the force of chills down the spine and knots in the stomach. Highly recommended from now on -i hope they come to New York soon. There's another great band I neglected to mention on this blog so far, they are called Shack and are from England. The songwriting and leadplaying brothers Head made two great records as the Pale fountains in the Eighties. Lucky you, if you find them.

My friend Minnie Cho has finished her record with Swoon: A great sounding, lush landscape of music, tender, but sharp with lots of room for Minnie to lament love lost and black fate. "Doubt" would in my opinion make a great single. Minnie chooses to keep her voice calm and almost understated. An egdy anger or growling fury here and there wouldn't hurt, though. Them guys don't deserve to be spared, Minnie!

Then I missed two of Anton Sword's shows, one in Jersey, one in the East Village. That, though, doesn' mean I'm getting lazy but rather that Anton is getting busy, craftily aided, I might add, by the mighty guitars of Kristofer Widholm. Let me know how the show was and send pix - i'll post them.

The rest of the action this summer seems to take place in Switzerland. C. Gibbs, currently on Broadway, is planning to visit the quaint country with the good taste, but also Melomane are organizing their tour - Bookers, take the chance to get them to your club on March 29th! Send last minute offers to: Frank Heer, who has been heard playing with both these artists moreover joined Modfather Charles from HeadQuarters and Zurich legend vocalist Johnny for a series of folksy gigs. Wish we could be there. Already reserved is the 23rd of May for the Silver Jews at the Palace in St. Gall. Moreover, the elusive Here Hare Here have vowed to play together for the first time since 15 years.

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