Friday, February 15, 2008

Animal Band Names Swarm SXSW

Taking the risk that you are not even going to see my raving Jam and Hugh Cornwell revue below, I have to post this email from Heather. Okay, the girl doesn't play soccer anymore, but that doesn't mean she's ain't funny no more. Underscoring her obsession for animals is the picture they put up for Heather and Jay's new band, Peng used to be this picture:

But here is Heather in her own words:

so, i have been kind of obsessed with animal band names for a while (rather...i'm obsessed with the fact that people keep naming their bands "bear/wolf/grizzly-something" and nobody seems to notice/is afraid to look silly by noting that there are 7 bands with that species of north american mammal in its name already. so for fun i looked at the list of south by southwest bands, which, no matter what you think of it, is some kind of cultural barometer, to see if there
were a slew of animal band names (or should i say, a "pride" or a "flock" or a "murder" of animal band names). and i was not disappointed! most prevalent were birds, especially pigeons, and tigers! so, by analyzing the syntax of some of these names, i have come up with some new ones that i will use for my next band. or you can, if you want, i do not have time for a new band right now.
so this is what i have:
(clever word play incorporating animal name): "PHANTOM LAMB"! "ROY OR BISON"
(funny combination of animal names/punctuation): "¿POODLE-POODLE-ELK?"

okay, here are the names of some animal-themed bands performing at
SXSW next month, weird, right?

Bear in Heaven (Brooklyn NY)
Bearsuit (Norwich UK)
Beasts and Superbeasts (Victoria BC)
Big Red Rooster (Dallas TX)
Biirdie (Glendale CA)
Birds Of Avalon (Raliegh NC)
Birds of Wales (Toronto ON)
Black Moth Super Rainbow (Pittsburgh PA)
Bowerbirds (Raleigh NC)
Buffalo Stance (Philadelphia PA)
Care Bears on Fire (Brooklyn NY)
The Chocolate Horse (Cincinnati OH)
Cobra Krames (Brooklyn NY)
Death Sentence: Panda! (San Francisco CA)
Deer Tick (Providence RI)
DJ Chicken George (Austin TX)
The Dodos (San Francisco CA)
Doveman (New York NY)
Dr. Dog (Philadelphia PA)
Eagle Seagull (Lincoln NE)
Faux Fox (Dallas TX)
Fleet Foxes (Seattle WA)
Frightened Rabbit (Glasgow UK)
Goat The Head (Trondheim NORWAY)
The Golden Dogs (Toronto ON)
The Goodbye Horses (Brisbane AUSTRALIA)
Gram Rabbit (Yucca Valley CA)
Grim Skunk (Montreal QC)
Guinea Worms (Columbus OH)
Horse + Donkey (Austin TX)
The Iguanas (New Orleans LA)
Lions (Austin TX)
The Lovely Sparrows (Austin TX)
Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds (Washington DC)
Mostly Bears (Tucson AZ)
Ocelot (Leeds UK)
The Octopus Project (Austin TX)
Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man (London UK)
Panda (Monterrey MEXICO)
Panther (Portland OR)
Papercranes (Gainesville FL)
Pata de Elefante (Porto Alegre BRAZIL)
Peter and the Wolf (Austin TX)
Pidgeon (San Francisco CA)
The Pigeon Detectives (Leeds UK)
Pigeon John (Los Angeles CA)
Pig Out (Buckinghamshire UK)
Plants and Animals (Montreal QC)
Pride Tiger (Vancouver BC)
Pterodactyl (Brooklyn NY)
Ravens & Chimes (New York NY)
Sea Wolf (Los Angeles CA)
Snowbyrd (San Antonio TX)
Spring Tigers (Athens GA)
Tigercity (Brooklyn NY)
Tiger Lou (Stockholm SWEDEN)
Tiger! Tiger! (Atlanta GA)
Tiny Animals (New York NY)
Vancougar (New Westminster BC)
Videohippos (Baltimore MD)
White Mice (Providence RI)
White Rabbits (Brooklyn NY)
Woodpigeon (Calgary AB)

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