Friday, October 05, 2007

British Girl Charm

God, I wish I had been writing songs when I was 19 instead of hanging out in dull bars not knowing what to do with my life. Kate Nash seems to know what to do with hers and appears happy to share it with us.

The Luna Lounge was enjoyably crowded on September 24 and they even managed to get the sound somewhat right. Even tough I couldn't hear the violin during the first song, but you can't ask for too much. Kate Nash was playing for free after not getting an US work visa like a few other British artists before her. She didn't seem to mind at all and impressed with her down-to-earth attitude despite her huge success in the UK. She was cute and charming and a bit shy and the three members of the band all visibly enjoyed playing with her.

Here is her performance of the 'Skeleton Song' including a very cute introduction:

More pics in my photodiary.


Nicol said...

ich wöt au wieder mol an äs konzert mit dir...... big hug, nicol

anita said...

ja waenn chunsch daenn mal wieder???

kuss, anita

Nicole said...

sobalds noch äm schnee wieder warm wird...wänn hüürotisch? kuss nicole