Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day? Alright, Alright!

Ok, it's blog action day today... The UN and Google and some NGOs for the protection of the environment want us to talk about climate change, so here we go: when I was a kid we spent days in the full sun without skin protection and barely got a tan. These days, playing soccer for an hour in the sun, you're burnt. I recommend George and Dick join us some Sunday here at Rodney Park for a game and experience the phenomenon themselves. They might even be able to stop traffic on the BQE to retrieve the ball.

Anyway. I know I been lazy posting lately, but that's just cause I've seen tons of shows with my sedulous buddies Martin and Marco from Rorschach, Switzerland, restlessly on the lookout for good concerts - we found plenty of promising names, but few highlights. Here's their list of New York Highlights:

1. Midnight Soccer against Morex Optimo in Greenpoint's McCurren Park (5:3 for Painhead)
2. Union Pool
3. Roast Beef Sandwiches
4. The Draft at the Knitting Factory
5. Arcade Fire on Randalls Island (incl. the Rock Sluts)
6. Queens of the Stone Age at WaMu Madison Square Garden
7. Animal Collective at Webster Hall (and on my wall)
8. Who the fuck is Biffy Clyro?
9. USA - Switzerland in Rodney Park (18:11 for USA)
10. Personality, Character, Style

There's some stuff that didn't make the list, too: The Klaxons, for example, did not impress my friends, as did the Black Angels who do a horrid ripoff of the Doors, mixed with, huh, Spacemen 3. There were some rather forgettable East village bands we saw and a great Falcon show we missed. They shot tons of photos which they promised to send - i will post some when i get them. For now I leave you with a shot of the Draft, the best concert we've seen this week. Martin and Marco were great guests, always uplifting and in the mood for every new adventure. They are officially proclaimed NNF - Not Non-Fillers!


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