Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Pierre's Performance Party Picks

Just one of more then twenty performances on Taaffe Place last Saturday: Quentin Jennings with C. Gibbs and Gerald Menke bringing the folk to the folks. As Pierre writes, there were "new heights of entertainment reached, including Powerpoint, avant-garde shadow puppetry, many many wonderful songs in many languages, songs by beautiful couples, original poetry, raccoons, trumpetry, cello-accompanied stories about Mars, and live Graduate thespian action". A true sense of a large scene coming together, enjoying each others art rather than criticizing or just being among the spectators. You know I like it like that. Am I a hippy now or just getting old? For a sense of beloning, go to Anitas Photopage and check out Love and Hate NYC Blog. Pierre and Denise videotaped most of it, so we hope to see some of the hilarious performances - such as Heather's power point performance of how to perform, the Swiss choclate dance or Frau Bauers first ever public appearance on stage - on YouTube pretty soon! Plus, Pierre already promised a next one!

Vote for Heather to perform in Jay Leno's Late show!

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mereubu said...

roman, it's not one or the other: you are getting old AND unfortunately: you're a hippy. in a swiss sorta way. don't worry, hippies love skiing. and chocolate. and straightening things up. Hippies are CRAZY about organizing! and skiing, and distortion pedals! did i say skiing already? and the fall! also: hippies LOVE foosball! everything's fine, as long as you don't leave nyc. seriously. don't. is that a ticket? let me see that for one second...