Monday, January 22, 2007

Come hear Sword, Room and The Greatest Hits

Three weeks already into the new year already and not a single Room show? Impossible, since we want to play a show every month this year and then release a live album entitled "Year Around." Blahblah. But come and see Anton Sword and Red Room at Bar on A this Thursday night - it will be all the more memorable, since you get to see The Greatest Hits debut.

Red Room are what we are when the Burnt Finger isn't with us. It's also a reference to Kubricks "The Shining" and shine we hope we will, while wishing Burnt all the best in U-rope. Tip the bartender and try to be nice. We start around nine, I guess. It's free, so no guarantee.

The Greatest Hits are a new fully acoustic combo, meaning they do not need any plugs or use any electrical power nor amplification, still they tackle defty New Wave songs, icluding faves by Depeche Mode or Madonna. Come singalong with members of NYC's Botanica, Melomane, Room and The Roman Games.

Anton Sword is best known for his work with British crooner JC. But he also writes anthems of existential struggle, entombed narcissism, doomed romanticism and ironic paradox (No I didn't have to type this, i cut and paste it. I use these words, xcept ironic.) Check him out at his MySpace page. Some have said his tunes suggest Radiohead's Thom Yorke, David Bowie and Brian Eno singing around Burt Bacharach's piano in an upper west side Manhattan apartment, with Portishead drifting in from across the alley.


Anonymous said...

The Greatest Hits? New Wave? They better be sure not to forget The Blue Orchids' fantastic "The Greatest Hit (Money Mountain)" album back from 81. Like, say A Year With No Head. Or, of course, Sun Connection.
Cheers from Sleepy Land

Roman Elsener said...

Oh, yes! The Blue Orchids - they are still active, by the way. Listen to a relatively new track of theirs here. You won't find Money Mountain online, but here's the classic A Year With no Head.