Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Travel Europe in the Heads of Morex Optimo!

Morex Optimo put up a nice series of thoughts and pictures of their European Tour with Room. Altough they limited the pictures down to mostly Morex members, you still get an impression of what diverse things we got to see and places we got to play in Switzerland and Germany. There are more pics of the tour out there, somewhere online, i forgot where. Kerry or Bernd, maybe you remember and can post the link? Thanks for the nice work, Morex Optimo! Oh, and one more new rumor: Kristofer and Heather, together with Pierre from Melomane will be flying to Paris, France, for a one-song-performance of the Who's "My generation" for some art project by Swiss artist Christoph Draeger. They also plan to record some more and head back to Europe next year, with a possible residency in Berlin. Our advice: Check out Hamburg and its "Alte Schule" while there!


infrathin said...

Shame about the spam postings. I hate those things. Anyway, Swiss artist Christoph's last name is Draeger. Didn't mean to exclude Room. It's just that you guys are TOO photogenic; you make us look bad.

Roman Elsener said...

thanx, k,
i corrected draeger. funny thing is that i met him at a party at ralf and ninas place on saturday!