Thursday, November 16, 2006

It Has To Be John Watts!

Oh, yes, he's back - the man has proven his longevity ages ago, anyway. Just have a look at his discography and you'll learn about his productivity. But this newest coup stuns even us old Watts fans. You'll remember, John was in NYC in spring to promote his brand new double CD and book "Real Life Is Good Enough" (see sidebar below). He played a show at Detour and we enjoyed a few interesting days in the city. He calls me up a few weeks later with a new project: He wanted to travel through Europe and film the people he meets, hear their stories and then write a song about them. Would I be able to arrange a meeting between him and my brother in Zurich? They met and hit it off on May 14th, incidentally my bro's birthday. Well, a short six months later John is on tour already again, played Helsinki in Zurich and presented Adrian with his song - Brothers. Something to be proud of. The CD is a masterpiece, Johns voice and acoustic guitar in the foreground, a great and decent band (with Johns long time collaborator Ian Porter on bass) and gems of songs. We might even go as far as to declare this album one of John's best. 10 stars for the album, 10 points for the person who can decipher Johns greeting on the cover...

John Watts and Brother A. in Zurich

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Anonymous said...

I agree with the 10 stars for the album (better than Reveal?) I like the Tullalah tomorrow part in "brothers", the airy guitars describing the atmoshpere on the roof. Many thanks again for introducing me to the man.
The writing says: you were to late for the Zurich show.
Love. BRoAd.