Saturday, June 17, 2006

Walking Hellos Wont Tour With Aerosmith! Kapow for Liechtenstein!

Walking Hellos!
New New York indie sensation The Walking Hellos celebrated their CD release at Galapagos with a wild mix of sexy rock and the seemingly totally unsexy world of, say, dishwashers and vacum cleaners. Hm, maybe I should rephrase this. The all girl band rocked and rolled, alright, but without really looking the part. Intriguing, but not quite the band that Aerosmith would wanna share their tour bus with, you know? Some people are born to rock, other choose to. These girls, on first glance, don't look like they are going to rock in the next three decades. But oha. As Ringo said: There's more in here than meets the eye. The glistening charisma of Heather Wagner on drums of course helps in more than one way, here.
Kapow! Do the 66!
It's early summer and the Byrds come was like that in 76, in 86 and 96... dude, psychedelic seems to get a rebirth with every other mushroom growing in my garden. Kapow! excell with their harmonies and get points for not showing of, but delivering. Sometimes though, they tried just a tiny little bit too hard to fly.

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heather said...

er, uh.
i THINK there might be a compliment in there, but the sexist insults are playing such tight defense i can barely decipher it.

fuck you i hope togo beat switzerland 5-zip!

(just kidding roman, you know i love you, i'm sure it's just your english-as-a-second-language problem)