Saturday, June 17, 2006

Soccer World Cup Stops Blogger from Updating!

Music blogger Roman E.* (39) has been known for updating his music blog with the punctuality and precision of a swiss watch, so subscribers were starting to panic when he started missing out on his New York music scene write ups. Thousands of visitors stared at the same last post for three full weeks. Ad revenues tumbled. Bands complained. The music industry wondered: Is blogging out? E.* could not be reached for any comment. But fear not: I was in the Nicaraguan jungle (pictured here in front of the National Palace in Managua, the place the Sandinistas stormed to initiate their revolution). Coming back over Washington and the Coporatocracy in freezing cold air conditioned rooms, I just couldnt take the urban nyc jungle for three days, having caught a mean cold in the World Bank. Anyway. Read more about my trip to Nicaragua next week on The Swiss American Blog.

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