Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Room to take on the Beast Monday March 7th

Another exciting roster to take on the Small Beast! Come down to the fancy Delancey to enjoy the cozy, intimate performances that distinguish this institution founded by Paul Wallfisch and continued during his extended stay in Europe. These performers will entertain you:

E. Ryan Goodman 8.30 PM

"Using nothing but a guitar, his imagination and his fingertips, Goodman embarks on a journey towards the heart of the blues, the essence of folk and the gold of the moment... Much like photography, his music brings back a very particular moment in all of its tactile sensations rather than describing a storyline, delineating a narrative or devising a plot. This, of course, is exactly what lends to his music the unmistakable air of intrigue: You can literally loose yourself in these short but never miniaturist pieces...It may be dealing with nostalgia, but the heartbeat of New York City is always pulsing through his oeuvre, too, imbuing it with an uplifting, life-affirming energy. The worlds of E. Ryan Goodman may be suspended in time – but they are always suspended in the here and now, not in some faraway dreamland."


9.15 PM Pinky Swearz

Pinky Swearz plucks your heartstrings with duet covers and originals mostly dealing with the Williamsburg area, and the dreadful beauty of life.
One such track, Bedford Avenue, can be found at their site on Bandcamp:


10.00 PM Room

The multicultural euro trash combination that makes up the combo Room takes its toll: One left for Amsterdam, one is in Berlin, another one now lives in Puerto Rico. But keeping up the five corners of their punk jazz jam, this is Room's first show without Burnt Finger. The perfomances of this band are never boring, sometimes resulting in singer Roman Game jumping into drums or breaking antique lamps, drummer Martial Vivot breaking sticks and fingers, and bass player Jean-Cosme Delaloye breaking hearts. Dave Spinley messes with your mind on the Sax. Quentin Jennings on keyboards behaves. He's British.


10.45 PM Dina Rudeen

Dina Rudeen was overcome with an all consuming obsession with music at a very early age, declaring one day in 8th grade while skipping school, “this IS the devil’s music - it’s totally ruining my grades!”. Still, she honed her chops and has over the years grown into a fine songwriter using her witty way with words and her warm, fresh voice. Her new record "The Common Splendor" is out now and shows the wide range of Dina's musical and lyrical talent. Her band is simply excellent, including guitar expert Tim Bright and bass wonder Christian Bongers.


11.30 PM Lost in Sound

Come with Mike Lawson on this trip into soundland, twangy echo guitars, walls of sound and rivers, stunning fields of notes and melodies. With just a guitar and an assortment of wild effects, Lost in Sound creates a unique, dense atmosphere that opens ways to the core of music itself. Mike is working on a brand new set of tunes, never before performed live.