Wednesday, February 11, 2009

First the Sword, then the Beast

Take it easy on Thursday cause you will have a busy evening - there are two shows you should not miss. First go to Rehab to see the refortified Mr. Anton Sword. Not only is he married now to the lovely Yael Marmon, his band has got a name, and a good one, too: the We Ours. Moreover, Jessica traded the cello for a rocking bass, Kristofer's addition get sharper and more daring with every show and drums are helmed by New York's female Ringo Starr, Kristin Mueller. We hope that spells 'goodbye flowery poetry and hello sardonic edge". It is eight bucks, but we hear that Rehab is in the process of being sold and who knows what will become of that place then. Anton and the We Ours are going on an extened European tour in May. The show starts at 9pm, followed by the Interpol-esque Get Help.

Then - it's the new Thursday thing to do - head down to the Delancey where Paul Wallfisch is letting loose his Small Beast, this time with a habitué on this blog, Pierre De Gaillande. The Paris-born singer/songwriter has translated the chansons of the great Georges Brassens into English - painstakingly precise - and will present the witty words and tunes with Christian Bongers on bass and Dave Spinley on Clarinet. Pierre has grown a mustache for this occasion while Christian has shaved off his Father Christmas beard. They will start at 11.15pm, preceeded by Cherie Lily, former lead singer and songwriter for New York City bands SPANK and FLuRT, who recently sang on Lee Scratch Perry's Grammy nominated new album and Barma Ljova who has been arranging music for the likes of Yo-Yo Ma, the Kronos Quartet, Matmos and Jay-Z.


stanley said...

Wow, Pierre grew a moustache and a girl who sang for Lee Scratch Perry - what a night! Wanna be there...
By the way: Simon Reynolds has a new book out, "Totally Wired", interviews with all of your favorite post-punk-heroes, incl. Colin Newman & Martin Bramah. Look it up soon in NYC bookstores,

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