Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Heather Peng Looking for Green Pastures!

Thanks, Heather for taking care of the blog while I am gone, and not just that, as the post below demonstrates you do it tactfully and tastefully! I adore your use of the language, the depth and insight you manage to pack into your few lines, and the creativity you put into your esteemed writing! Just some minor reminders on how we want the blog to look: 1. Main words in headlines start with capitals. 2. Make sure the headline ist not too short and not leaving a lot of empty space (f. e. "Roman is Gay" is way too short, "Roman Is Having A Dream Time in Switzerland" would have been much better. 3. Try to find a picture that fits the story - but no vulgar or offensive material, kids love the blog, too.
Looking forward to your next blog, Heather, and do not fear: I won't sue you before I'm back!

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