Friday, September 14, 2007

Helsinki Zurich in a Halcion Daze

The place is always packed when Dorit Chrysler, the Austrian-American undebated Queen of New Yorks Lower East Side plays Helsinki in Zurich, Switzerland, and it seems she always has an ace up her sleeve, this time bringing Bingo Palace veterans Fa Ventilato and Privateman into the spotlight while herself donning an electric guitar, just like in the old days of Halcion, when Chad Swahnbergs guitars roared over Dorit's accusing voice, while Jeffrey Whitte and Fa laid the solid fundament. There are not many traces of Halcion on the internet, to read a pretty accurate review of how their shows were, click here. Fa has since abandoned drumming and has made himself a name as Fuckintosh and will be on tour soon with the balkan-electro bastard Import-Export. Tami was there ban the historic moment on picture - Thanx!

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