Monday, August 14, 2006

The Church Shine At Irving Plaza

The Church at Irving Plaza

The greatest band in the universe came to New York and played at Irving Plaza - in front of a seated crowd and acoustic guitars instead of the jingly jangly Rickenbacker and the timeless Fender Strat. It took some getting used to, but a newly inspired, fresh and funny Steve Kilbey made up for everything, singing his best I ever saw him - which is about 15 times by now. With Peter Koppes and Marty Willson-Piper somewhat restricted on solely acoustic guitars, The Church's singer and bass player took the opportunity to really come through with his amazing voice and intonation, displaying an ability to captivate the whole audience, while entertaining and obviously enjoying the center stage position. This picture shows in what kind of shining light Kilbey appeared this last Thursday night! And i'll go next time they are here. I just hope it wont be in a seated environment. Check out the Church's new stuido LP "Univited like the Clouds."


baby said...

just saw them in san francisco.
actually, while they always shine (being seeing them since 84) i thought the most amazing thing sunday was tim powles. i was seated in the balcony, and saw his drumming from above and he sent everything to a new & stellar level, just burned on through the set. really incredible drumming, and i have seen my fair share of bands, and been on many a guest list due to my lengthy employment history in record stores. love the church, truly.

Roman Elsener said...

wow...84...i had to wait till 86 to see them live! where are you from? Australia? I adore how the Church made the transition from rock music to this baroque state of art it is by now.

lee said...

yes! - the greatest band in the universe :).

davidcwelker said...

saw them in cleveland, great show. these guys are excellent musicians, can be compared to no others.