Friday, July 21, 2006

The Need for the Mission of Burma

Guitar As Mighty as a Sword: Mission of BurmaThe Truth about Mission of Burmas Fling with Morex Optimo!
A real concert night out at Greenpoint's Warsaw last Friday with American Ueberpunk legends Mission of Burma. Heather kinda insisted we're all coming, so the whole gang showed up although they asked for 20 bucks at the door, which usually disqualifies a show from an entry in this blog. Mission of Burma deserve an exception for two good reasons: They are real and they played for more than two hours, plus it was only getting better the longer they went. Initial sound problems didnt matter so much anymore and you could see how many bands are inspired by them guys, first of all Morex Optimo. What amazed me most: Guitar player Roger Miller chooses to play behind his amp, which is placed in front of him, front left. he is shielded from the drums by a glass paravent and uses no monitors whatsoever. no. no headphones either. Wierd, but dude, they rock and a lot of other old guys should take Mission of Burma for an example of how you reunite in style. Chapeau!
Mission of Burma at Warsaw in Greepoint, BrooklynUp close and personal for over two rocking hours: Reunited Mission of Burma, The real deal.

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Mike F. said...

Roger has to play that way, he doesn't have a choice. He has horrible tinnitus and needs to be shielded from as much onstage noise as possible, even his own.